Submission Guidelines

Welcome, rejected writers!

At Rejected McSweeney’s Lists, rejection is not a shameful word. In fact, it’s the main requirement for becoming part of our online community. This blog is designed to showcase short (mostly), excellent creative work of all types that can’t find a home but deserves (or even demands!) an audience. Take a moment, hold your head up high, and shout from the desk chair, unmade bed, or ageing couch you’re hunched on, “I am rejected!” Then, carefully read this page and send along your forsaken work.

Unfortunately, even though rejection is the main path to acceptance on our site, publication on the Rejected  blog is not guaranteed. In the event your work is not chosen for the site, we recognize the potential for a small blow to your confidence, but strongly encourage you to, instead, focus on the humorous possibilities of telling other people you were rejected from a site that only accepts rejected work. Non-writers, especially, will find this hilarious.

Refer to the guidelines below in order to give your submission the best chance at publication.

submit by email

Please direct all submissions to rejectedsubmit [at] gmail [dot] com.

Include your entire submission in the body of the email. If you attach your work as a separate document, we will not read or consider it. 

Fancy formatting cannot be accommodated at this time. 

The subject line of your email should read “Submission_[title of your work]”.



Format the body of your email like this:

  • Title of your submission

  • By [your name]

  • Genre:

  • This piece has previously been rejected from: [list all]

  • Email address:

  • Twitter handle*:

  • Bio:

  • Explanation (if needed): If your piece is not immediately identifiable as something that is unlikely to find a home elsewhere, in print or online, let us know why.

  • Your Submission (copy & pasted in email)

* If you do not want your Twitter handle shared on the site, please make this clear.

Anonymous submissions will not be accepted, but if you’d prefer not to be named at all on our website, you should indicate this in your email.


In the same email, include a very brief author bio for inclusion on our Contributors page. 1-2  sentences, maximum. We are not interested in if/where you’ve published previously (this is a rejection-based site, after all), so please focus on other aspects of yourself.

Example of a great bio: “Ronald Weasley has red hair and enjoys eating sweets. He writes memoirs and short fiction. "


Take a photo/screenshot of the rejection letter(s) and attach it/them to your submission email as .jpg or .pdf  files (Note: these will not be included on the site). If you no longer have record of the rejection(s), send us a written vow that you have attempted to place your work elsewhere without success.


This should go without saying, but nothing racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, or otherwise discriminatory will be accepted for the site, ever.

Edgy and risqué is good; lewd is not for us.


The site is intended for short, written pieces, though we will take a gander at longer work.

Anything under 500-1000 words is ideal. If you have something excellent that can’t find room to flap its wings elsewhere and the word count is higher than 1000 woods, give it a shot. If not here, where?

You may submit more than one item at a time, so long as they are all under 500 words. If your rejected work is over 500 words, please only submit one item at a time.


We're happy to accept simultaneous submissions if your piece has already been rejected. Please let us know right away if your rejected work becomes accepted work elsewhere.


We can't and won't publish work that has appeared anywhere else online or in print. Only submit unpublished work, please!


$25.00 CAD per contributor.


By purchasing your work, we ask for the right to publish it online for the first time. You retain all rights to your own work once we publish it. We hope you’ll share your post(s) on this site widely and gather some readers for your writing. We, too, will share your work through social media outlets.

Note: as with any online venue, once writing is on our site, other publishers will not be able to consider it as unpublished material.


We hope to be speedy, but do give us up to a month to respond to your submission.