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There would be no Rejected blog project without the writers who gave the site a chance. Thank you for being brave, sharing the previous failure of your work, and climbing back up into the saddle to try again. 



Rejected McSweeney's List Contributors 


Peter forestell

Peter Forestell is currently teaching English to 50 undergraduates. They didn't quite buy his argument that Anne of Green Gables is a lesbian, but at least he tried.

Twitter: @peterforestell



Erin Vance

Erin Emily Ann Vance writes poetry, fiction, and sometimes attempts nonfiction and comedy. She spends her evenings watching horror movies and scrolling through the true horror, which is her spreadsheet of rejected poems, stories, and articles.

Twitter: @erinemilyann


Jordan bolay

Jordan Bolay studies questions of trace—the politics of presence in the archive—as a doctoral candidate in the University of Calgary’s English Department. He rocks out on a Geddy Lee signature jazz bass in his scarce spare time.

Twitter: @jprbolay


Hollie Adams and Brian Jansen

In 2016, Hollie and Brian rescued an 8-year-old maltipoo. It only took them 30 seconds to decide to name him Roland Barks thanks to this handy list

Twitter: @hollie_a_adams


Galadriel Watson

Galadriel Watson shoots for the moon but sometimes fizzles somewhere in the upper atmosphere. One day, the rocket thrusters of fiction and creative non-fiction will zoom her there.

Twitter: @GaladrielAuthor
Website: galadrielwatson.com



Amy LeBlanc

Amy LeBlanc loves cats and books (she has both cat and book tattoos). She is currently trying to fit more novels and poetry collections on her shelves than they will concede to holding.

Twitter: @amylia_leblanc


Mallory E. Land Smith

Mallory E. Land Smith lives in Calgary while working on her PhD and writing her poetry collection Manifest Meaning. She often dreams of being a Bunburyist to escape her work, but then remembers she thought the whole thesis fiasco up: one life option down.

Twitter: @MermaidMal

Ambika Thompson

Ambika Thompson is a taurus, writer, musician and parent. She is one half of the cello riot grrrl band Razor Cunts, the fiction & managing editor of the literary journal Leopardskin & Limes, and is an MFA candidate in creative writing at Guelph University.

Twitter: @ambikathompson
Website: ambikathompson.com


Derek Nason

Derek Nason tells people he writes 'mostly science fiction.' He also works at a grocery store.

Twitter: @dereknason


Ryleigh Niam

Ryleigh Niam wears glasses and enjoys strong lattes. She blames Atari and the French Existentialists.

Jess Nicol

Jess Nicol is usually louder than she intends to be.

Twitter: @jessticulates
Website: jessknicol.wordpress.com




Rod Moody-Corbett

Rod Moody-Corbett's favourite person is a cat.

Twitter: @MoodyCorbett


John McKay

John McKay is a recent graduate from Fordham University and there's not much going on for him, honestly.

Dylan Boyko

Dylan Boyko worries that the brakes on his bike are too worn down to ride safely. He doesn't write about baseball all the time, that would be stupid.





Paul Meunier

Paul Meunier is a tacky coffee mug collector, an English PhD student, and studies experimental poetry. Paul also has a visual arts background, and goes to great lengths to make his poems look weird on the page.

Twitter: @polywog81