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First of all...

Thank you for visiting the Rejected McSweeney’s Lists site! Rejected is the space for your top-notch but rejected work, when it has nowhere else to go. 


The blog title suggests its own inspiration: we are avid McSweeney’s Internet Tendency fans, supporters, and submitters. We love it, just like you do! But what happens when your hilarious, brilliant list is not accepted at McSweeney’s? Suddenly the chance of publication drops significantly, and your work sits idly in a pile, gathering cat dander on your desk, or lives out its life in a lonely digital file. 


Rejected McSweeney’s Lists accepts lists and other short works that are unlikely to be placed elsewhere, once they have been rejected from their intended publisher(s). In so many cases, creative work is rejected for a variety of reasons (editorial tastes, space limitations, a similar piece recently published) that have nothing to do with quality. We are here to save clever work from an unread fate and grant readers the opportunity to see writing they would otherwise miss out on.


We publish short works that can’t find a home.

Examples of the site’s ideal types of creative work:

  • Humorous lists and letters intended for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency or other literary humour sites.
  • Poems composed for contests that have hyper-specific subject matter rules, word inclusion requirements, strange generic stipulations, or are erasures from supplied mother-texts, etc.
  • Flash fiction that can’t find a place to shine.
  • Short, genre-crossing pieces.
  • Weird work that appeals to very few publishers.
  • And more! Try us out. If you think your creative piece isn’t the right fit for many places, this is the site for you.

See our Submission Guidelines for more information.

Who's Involved?

This site is run by a small group of writers who know the challenges of writing for specific audiences or publication opportunities. We are sympathetic to your plight.

Editorial Board

Jess Nicol, Managing Editor
Rod Moody-Corbett, Editorial Board
Dawn Bryan, Editorial Board

From time to time, we will also host guest-editors.

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